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Suggest the Topic

Dear Readers,untitled

Request you to suggest the topic to be posted on the site to enhance the learning quality and experience. Please suggest in comment section of this page.

Warm Regards,

Prashant V Shah.


77 Responses to “Suggest the Topic”

  1. […] Suggest the Topic […]

    • murli said

      Dear Sir,

      Request you to please post topics on Retirement Planning. Regards

    • Murli said

      Dear SIr,

      Regret for not visited this site for last fortnight. Infact request for topics related to Retiremet planning is already requested by other colleauge such as Calculation of economic value of life under income replacement method etc. which you have noted. Thanks

      At present I am preparing for Insurance module and I have confusion when Interim bonus is taken in death benfits. As per my understanding, Interim bonus shall be accounted in maturity value or death claim if the maturity period of policy or death claim date is after last Bonus declaration date. I have studied 4-5 sums from few books wherein Interim bonus is not accounted even when maturity date was after last bonus declaration date. Please guide me.

      Thanks in advance….murli

    • samruddha said

      can you please post content related to tax and estate planning?

  2. Neelima U said

    Its really a great initiation.

    request you to post numerical for the topics of RAIP :

    General Insurance – Depreciation basis, Market value basis, Reinstatement value basis
    Life insurance – Expected return calculation for vesting period.
    Calculation of economic value of life under income replacement method & additional Insurance cover required .
    EMI benefit under refinance.

    Thanks in advance .

  3. Harry said

    Estate Planning and Trust questions from TPEP

  4. Sonali said

    Dear Prashant Sir,

    Kindly provide the More Therotical part on General insurance and Regulatory Part.

  5. Plz post topics related to assessment year 2014-15 in advanced module

  6. Pradnya said

    hello, please post on topics such as risk and return, equity valution and bond analysis with explanation and in line with fpsb exam point of view.

  7. jyoti1752 said

    hello sir ,
    if posible pls post the theory and related to one example question of TDS, i got myself very confused about this topis

  8. Aniket gupta said

    hi all
    I m going for giving tax planning and estate planning in june ..can u pls give me imp ques of it.
    Aniket gupta

  9. Anandraj Mahor said

    case study :- Overr the last 12 years I have invested in the equity market and built a corpus of about Rs. 70 lacs, I am 38 and want to start a business for which I have to invest Rs. 40 lacs- 45 lacs. I am married and have a four year daughter. should I fund my venture by liquidating my equity holdings or should I take a loan? My equity portfolio will also be my retirement corpus and I have just Rs. 7 lacs in FDs. what should I do?
    plz sir
    send me solution on my e-mail id arajmahor@gmail.com

  10. Rajeswaran said

    Pl start topic of “Family Pension” under PF scheme & its benefits in detail in continuation with PF Benefits…

  11. VENUGOPAL B. said

    pl explain calculation of portfolio risk

  12. S. balkesh said

    Plz advise some study materials/book on YTM concept and its functioning

  13. Vishnu said

    Can you frame questions based on the sample cases uploaded on FPSB in Advanced Financial Planning

  14. udaycfp said

    Dear sir
    Pls give me suggestion what i can do for my RPEB exam
    how to prepared ? what question come in exam? , which topic i read for RPEB exam ?

  15. Shubhash D. said

    Dear Sir,

    I am using Mandhar Learning’s books for Retirement Planning. In a specific topic of Gratuity, I find difficulty in some of the exercises sums. To be specific, Page number 37, Sum Number 17,18 and 19. Starting with Mr. Ajit, Mr. Jay and Ms. Bijli.

    It would be great if you can paste the answers for the same.

    • Dear Subhash,

      Regret for a very late reply.

      I don’t use Mandar books so have no idea about the questions u suggested. You can mail me the pictures of these questions.


  16. soniya said


  17. Swati Gaba said

    hello sir
    i want to know your books are available in markets or we have to join your institution then we get?

    m from delhi

    • Dear Swati,

      My material is available only to those who enroll with my Institute. As I don’t sell the material you need to keep on reading the content of this blog.


  18. I need some practice questions of investment,insurance,&RPEB

    Thanks in advance

  19. Suresh Chaudhari said

    Hello sir,
    i could not found those old case study of AFP. Where should i go?

  20. Anandraj said

    hi everyone
    I m going for giving tax planning and estate planning in May ..can u pls give me imp ques of it.

  21. Kunjan madan said

    Can i get full fledged notes of insurance. Actually i cleared tax and investment. Now its the turn of insurance and i have no study material. So i am confused where to study from

    • Dear Kunjan,

      Greetings!!! insurance is the easiest module of our curriculum. As I don’t sell my material, I can not provide full notes of it but you can download latest IC33 and download CA institutes books on insurance and solve whatever number of question you have. You will be through.


  22. kunal nanda said

    dear prashant sir
    can you send cfp syllabus, mattirial pdf

  23. Rashmi said

    from where i can download IC33?

  24. mohammad tehaseen said

    Dear Sir,

    Request you to please post topics on Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning. Regards

  25. Preeti Sharma said

    Dear Sir ,

    Request u to provide formula used in Retirement Module . i have study material of it but it seems confusing to me

    it will be helpful as i am going to appear retirement module in the feb .


  26. tehaseen said

    dear sir,
    request you to post imp topics for tpep as am appearing for the exam tmrw.regards

  27. anushka jain said

    sir plz suggest me the book for advance module.

    • Dear Anushka,
      Regret for late response.

      There is no such book available which will equip you for final exam. However you can download curriculum from FPSB site and start preparing accordingly. Also let me know whether u are a regular mode or a challenge mode candidate.


    • anushka jain said

      SIR how can i get from your institute?

  28. Ishwarya said

    hello sir, i am Ishwarya from Hyderabad.i am cleared CFP 4 modules except case studies. i want to know about cfp job roles. please suggest me for my career growth.

  29. Harika Niveditha said

    please explain capital gains and house property

  30. anushka jain said

    hello sir
    can u plz tell mw how can i study step by step in one month for advance financial planning
    sir i m confused from where i should start????

  31. Anand Mittal said

    Kindly make a video on CFP code of ethics for exam. I am CFP student ,about to appear exam 5 in September 2nd week. So, it’s a request if you could make a video on it to clear n understand the concept of CFP code of ethics…

  32. anushka jain said

    hello sir
    if i want to invest approx.800000 rs for short duration which investment option is best?

  33. anushka jain said

    Virkant plans to invest regularly on a quaterly basis an amount of Rs. 3000 in his PPF a/c till its maturity. The amounts are proposed to be deposited in the first five days of july, october january, and april every year. He has made no transaction in his PPF a/c since the begning of this financial year. Vikrant wants to know the approximate maturity amount of his PPF a/c. ( Referance case : Vikrant SAHABJI , nov :2009).

    the question said, He has made no transaction in his PPF a/c since the begning of this financial year.
    can u plz explain what exact meaning of this line?

  34. Chaitali Pandit said

    Dear Sir,
    It would be a great help if you post some sample questionnaire on capital gain tax (dividend,shares,bonus shares etc.)and estate planning(trust)with suggested answers , pertaining to current assessment year(2017-18).
    Chaitali Pandit

  35. anushka jain said

    sir plz reply as soon as possible

  36. anushka jain said

    sir my examination date is 17 oct.plz reply soon

  37. Akshiv garg said

    Plz add about retirement planning exam ,,,, such as hit & trial method , tvm hard level questions and give solution RPEB sample paper in your video bcz this exam is quiet tricky…So plz make a video (have short tricks) whose help us to clear the RPEB in enough time bcz it comes a lenghty……Thanks
    I hope you understand and upload video ASAP…
    Thanks a lot

  38. Saikiran said

    Hai sir,
    I need PDF in HUMAN LIFE VALUE topic of Risk analysis and insurance planning..

  39. Anu said

    Agricultural income and tax treatment

  40. Shivani Rastogi said

    Dear Sir,

    I am planning to give exam of rpeb and investment planning in feb second week . Can you please help me by providing important rpeb questions & their solutions and investment planning as well.

    Please suggest me the way how can I clear the exam

  41. sir, when you’re going to post the updated tax and estate planning question

  42. AJAY said


    • Hi Ajay,

      Regret for late reply. I use Texas instruments in the CFP classes as it is better than Casio.

      To answer your question, you can use Texas instruments in the exam.



    Dear sir,
    I have recently completed investment planning and want to write tax and estate planning. Need to know how to prepare for this exam and clear. The links to study will be very helpful and how to approach th is exam.

  44. Ankita said

    Kindly guide on how to prepare for final module and how long it would take to prepare for the exam

  45. Tushar Ashok Dhamanskar said

    Request to you pls guide on how to prepare for investment planning on numerical

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