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Basic Calculations for Retirement Planning – CFP

Posted by Prashant Shah on January 4, 2017

  1. Interest Rate Calculation



Mathematics of Retirement Planning


Current age of Mr. Shah is 30 years. His current household expenses are Rs.3,50,000 per annum. He estimates that post retirement he will need 80% of the pre-retirement expenses. Estimated inflation for his lifestyle is 6%. He wants to retire at the age of 60 years. He can invest money at 12% now and at 9% post retirement. His life expectancy is 80 years.capture


Investment and Growing Annuity









2 Responses to “Basic Calculations for Retirement Planning – CFP”

  1. Preeti Chhatwal said

    Dear Prashant sir ,

    Can you tell me how to solve this problem.
    A buys second house at 60 lakh. Available loan is 40 lakh for 15 year at 9.5% rate. He liquidates his portfolio towards down payment stamp duty and furnishings. He has 5 lakh cash in hand at present. He is expected to save annually save 2 lakh. He would rent out new house at a rent of 25000 p.m. He will invest remaining cash in hand along with quarterly saving and rent received net of 20% maintenance charge on a quarterly basis beginning a quarter from now. Considering 8% p.a. growth in investment and real estate prices. What would be his net worth five years from now?

  2. jyoti mahant said

    Hello Prashant sir,
    I have recently given the retirement planning module a week back under the legacy program and I was not able to pass the exam. I was unable to solve the numerical and didn’t even get those which I prepared. I bought material from IMS Proschool, now I am completely blank about what to do and how to prepare, Kindly advise. The questions were really harder than those I practised.

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