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Archive for the ‘Retirement Planning’ Category

This module would cover the knowledge requirements relating to retirement planning and employee benefits for a CFP professional. The emphasis is on the process of wealth creation and the retirement planning and strategies for clients.

Important Questions for CFP – Retirement Planning

Posted by Prashant Shah on July 24, 2017

Your client starts investing for his retirement goal starting at age 45 years. On 55, todays, he has accumulated 35 Lakh, which he finds insufficient on maturing age 60 if he withdraws 5 lakh p.a. inflation adjustment from his accumulated corpus for 30 years post retirement if the corpus is invested at 7.5% p.a. with inflation expectation of 5.5% p.a. If prior to retirement the growth rate of 9.5% is considered for investing already accumulation fund and fresh annual investment of 3.5 lakh. You estimate the period of delayed retirement beyond.

  1. 4 years 4 month
  2. 3 years
  3. 6 years 6 month
  4. 4 years


A buys second house at 60 lakh. Available loan is 40 lakh for 15 year at 9.5% rate. He liquidates his portfolio towards down payment stamp duty and furnishings. He has 5 lakh cash in hand at present. He is expected to save annually save 2 lakh. He would rent out new house at a rent of 25000 p.m. He will invest remaining cash in hand along with quarterly saving and rent received net of 20% maintenance charge on a quarterly basis beginning a quarter from now. Considering 8% p.a. growth in investment and real estate prices. What would be his net worth five years from now?

  1. 90 L
  2. 82 L
  3. 93 L
  4. 107 L


A professional just retired has accumulated Rs. 52 lakh. He invests this corpus in an investment instrument giving return of 8% p.a. His current annual household expenses are Rs. 6.6 lakh, escalating at inflation of 6% p.a. He would rent out his other fixed property at an expected annual rent of Rs. 2.40 lakh, the rentals increasing at 6% p.a. The balance expenses are met by withdrawing from the invested corpus. The commercial property, currently valued at Rs. 60 lakh, is expected to appreciate at 8% p.a. He expects to sell the property after 15 years to create a fresh corpus for his living expenses. How long the total funds available are expected to last after 15 years?

  1. 14 years 11 month
  2. 14 years 4 month
  3. 12 years 7 month
  4. 13 years 2 month

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Basic Calculations for Retirement Planning – CFP

Posted by Prashant Shah on January 4, 2017

  1. Interest Rate Calculation



Mathematics of Retirement Planning


Current age of Mr. Shah is 30 years. His current household expenses are Rs.3,50,000 per annum. He estimates that post retirement he will need 80% of the pre-retirement expenses. Estimated inflation for his lifestyle is 6%. He wants to retire at the age of 60 years. He can invest money at 12% now and at 9% post retirement. His life expectancy is 80 years.capture


Investment and Growing Annuity









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