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How to register with FPSB India?

Here is the latest registration process: source www.india.fpsb.org


35 Responses to “CFP REGISTRATION”

  1. priyanka said

    Dear Prasanth Sir,

    From when has it become Mandatory to submit the questionnaire as i didnt submit any yet…


    • Dear Priyanka,

      You are not required to submit any questionnairs as it is applicable only to the new students.
      You can start using CFP in your business card once you have 3 years of experience and membership fees would be applicable at that time only.

      Prashant v shah.

  2. peenaz said

    On which date cfp registration expires?

    • Dear Peenaz,
      You can login to your account to see the status if already registered. Otherwise it expires in one year from the date of activation.


      • chitra said

        but on which site should we login? couse i couldn’t find login lnk on fpsb site and nse site doesn’t show the date of registration…

      • Dear Chitra,

        Login option appears on top right of the FPSB’s web site. It is named as OCMS login.

        Prashant V Shah.

      • vikas said

        if i pass all 4 modules along with final exam without having the 3 yrs experience then will they give me a provisional certificate stating that i hav passd all exams ??

      • Dear Vikas

        Regret to say that FPSB does not provide provisional certificate. However you may write in your resume that you have cleared all the modules of the course.

        Feel free to ask further.

        Prashant V Shah.

  3. Dear Prashant,

    I have registered for CFP in January by self study mode. I attended RAIP exam but not cleared. Now I want to join EP.

    Please suggest good EP in Delhi & Gurgaon.

    Manoj kumar

  4. rachna said

    dear prashant

    Would like to get your suggestion as to what areas i must cover for RBEP module. I would be reappearing for the new version of exam next month. i am under self study mode and using books given by fpsb and this blog. please suggest alternative material for the same exam as this is the only one remaining out of four modules.

    will appreciate a response from you
    thanks tachna

    • Dear Rachna,

      Best idea is, pick up the curriculum(available on FPSB) and prepare the topics. Solve the sample papers (available on this site). Check the concepts and clear the doubts. That’s it.


  5. rumni said


    I am planning to appear for CFP exam shortly and plan to study by myself. Is it possible? Do I need to purchase any books ( like IMS proSchool books)? How much time is needed for preparation? Does FPSB provides books on registration?

    Any help will be appreciated.

  6. Girish said

    I am planning to Study for CFP certifications from where i can get study materials For it ?


    I don’t get it.What is the “Three financial planing questionnaire”!

  8. janki said

    hi i had registered myself in 2014, i haven’t appeared for any test so how do i re register myself, could you please help me on that.

  9. Kashish Nirav Mehta said

    Can we start giving the course exams once we pass our 12th? Is it ok being an undergraduate?

  10. fayaz said

    hello sir,
    can you please tell me the procedure for enrolling for CFP -module 1 exam through NSE website. I am confused to register for the exam. Please help me out sir.

  11. Piyush Bansal said

    Hi Prashant
    I have registered myself in 2014 and I could not able to give any exam due to personal reasons. Now my registration has been expired, how to re-register and do I need to have some extra CE points to qualify as CFP holder, once I clear all the exams.

  12. Mayur chaurasiya said

    Hello prashant sir ,
    I”m from jalgaon , maharashtra . sir I curently passed the 12th board exam & sir I had taken admission in FY Bcom in jalgaon .sir I want to be study CFP course with Bcom . There will be no prblm to do CFP course.
    If yes ,so sir in which web site should i do registration & what is the last date of registration for freshers .And where did the clss of CFP in maharashta .
    Thank u sir for your time ..
    your faithful…

    • Mayur chaurasiya said

      sir plzzz reply it …….. plz give me a right path of this entrance course……

    • Hi, Mayur,

      CFP is a great course and simply go ahead with it. I have so many FY students who are studying CFP with me.

      Since it is an open end exam, there is nothing like last date of registration and you can register at any time.

      I run my classes in Ahmedabad hence have no idea about the institutes in Maharashtra.

      However for any further information feel free to contact.


      • Mayur chaurasiya said

        But sir need to now that upto which year the validity of registration is constant .Means if by chance i haven”t pass in exam then i should need to re registration after 1 year or after each exam. sir my sister is giving CA exam in CA case the registration have a velidity for 3year or i think so same thing upto 5 year . So it will be same condition for CFP course .

      • Dear Mayur,

        Validity of registration with FPSB is valid for a year. Upon expiry of the same you can renew the same by paying renewal fees. Such renewal will be valid for one year.


  13. Dear Prashant Sir
    Wishing you a very Happy Teachers Day…

    Thank you is probably an understatement for the efforts you put in to help all cfp aspirants who dont have to go for any coaching if they follow your blog.

    Gratitude !!!!

    As i say thank you, may i also suggest few things :-
    1. Can there be any student or follower of the blog who can give working solutions to the problems that are shared by you or others. Its indeed time consuming for one person, but if those who passed using this blog, can help in the same, it would be great.


    • Thanks Rachna,

      Nice to hear from you after a long time.
      I too ask readers to post correct solutions for the questions which are there on the site. And at the same time I too assume responsibility to solve some of the questions.


  14. Sir I registered CFP 2017 January from now I completed only 3 modules .
    Can CFP board extended my duration or not.
    Otherwise can I renewal my registration validity
    Or not please answer me sir

  15. Sai said

    Dear Prashanth,

    Can I know if register for CFP will I Get Materials from FPSB or should I get it from somewhere(I’m willing for Self Study).

    Waiting for your Suggestion

    Thanks & Regards,

  16. D.B.DIXIT said

    Dear Sir,
    What is present status of FPSBI’s affiliation with US FPSB ?

  17. Anoop Mittal said

    Dear Sir,

    I have some Question before starting the CFP certificate program. Please help me out.

    1. I read that article regarding FPSB is taking charge in india from 1 may 2020. what kind of things will be change after this is. If i register for program in april then exam fee will remain same or not and what happen with other things like exam patterns, curriculum etc.

    2. Is self study sufficient and how much time is required for clearing all 5 module.

    3. what if i have NISM level 1 and 2 certification in investment advisor and have 3 year experience in financial field by own work, is they consider me in challenge status or not.

    Waiting for your valuable Guidance

    Thanks & Regards,
    Anoop Mittal

  18. nehasaju24 said

    Sir, I’m a mechanical graduate. Will I be able to clear the cfp exam through the self study mode only with the fbsp material? I have no other knowledge in the finance field.

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