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Self Study Material for CFP

Posted by Prashant Shah on August 29, 2018

Dear All,

Long back I announced an opportunity to buy the study material which I use in my classroom which has been developed over a period of time with my experience of a decade.

Now the same opportunity has become a reality with a price of Rs.10,000 initially. That means now you can actually purchase the same from me. Let me brief you regarding the study material.

  • It is a study text which covers all the principles and concepts of our curriculum with enough solved illustrations and practice questions.
  • There are total six study books which shall be made available with average number of pages between 100 and 120 pages. Total number of pages of all the books are around 650.
  • These texts will be with spiral binding with cover page being color and remaining pages black and white.

Important to know:

  • This are the study texts and not the mock tests. But it has enough questions which shall cover all the concepts which are usually asked in exam.
  • The technology which I use is Texas BA II Plus financial calculators.
  • These books are available without any recourse. This means I don’t assure that exam questions will be from notes. By the way it’s a professional program.
  • Also in case of any doubts you cannot contact me as it’s not humanly possible to respond to everyone. However if you find some error or in case of critical issues you can mail me on the email address which shall me made available with study texts.
  • Exam 5 module would cover different methodology to solve the questions however, it does not contain any probable questions as it’s tough to predict what they put in the paper. Better idea is to concentrate on the concepts instead to looking here and there to get the questions, isn’t it?
  • I believe in no refund policy hence once you purchase the study texts, you are aware about no refund policy.

Process to buy:

Step 1: Contact me on 92274 08080

Step 2: I shall provide account number with amount

Step 3: You will provide your address to courier

Step 4: I shall courier within a week of receiving the order

Step 5: You receive the study texts and start studying.



Prashant V Shah.


4 Responses to “Self Study Material for CFP”

  1. Geeta Chaudhary, CFP CM said

    Great to see this mail… and no doubt to say you are the best teacher for CFP one can have…

  2. sweta07jan said

    Sir ! I want to purchase study material of CFP last module advanced financial planning please let me know about it .

  3. Rupesh Nirmal said

    Hello sir i juat passed my 12th exams i want to attent for all 5 exams for which i need to start it’s course.From where and how should i start my studies regarding cfp

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