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Archive for May, 2014

Investment Planning Questions – 1 Marker

Posted by Prashant Shah on May 22, 2014

Commercial Paper is considered for

(a)   Both SLR and CRR

(b)   Neither SLR nor CRR

(c)    Only SLR

(d)   Only CRR


Banks are parking their short term excess money with RBI at

(a)   Repo Rate

(b)   Bank Rate

(c)    Reverse Repo Rate

(d)   CRR rate


Order to trade when triggered price is reached is

(a)   Market Order

(b)   Stop Loss Order

(c)    Good in day order

(d)   Limit Order


Organisation created by NSE for dematerialisation of stock are

(a)   CDSL

(b)   CCIL

(c)    NSDL


Trading in securities are allowed under act

(a)   SEBI Act

(b)   SCRA act


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