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Sample Paper of Insurance Planning for CFP

Posted by Prashant Shah on November 20, 2012

FPSB has just relaesed a sample paper of Insurance Planning.

Click to download questions: http://www.fpsb.co.in/Upload/CFPSampleQPaper/Sample1to4-RAIP.pdf

Click to download solutions: http://www.fpsb.co.in/Upload/CFPSampleQPaper/Solution1to4-RAIP.pdf

We may have to wait a bit for the sample papers of the rest of the modules.


26 Responses to “Sample Paper of Insurance Planning for CFP”

  1. khushbu kaushal said

    sir will v be hving dis much cumbrsm numericls..??

    • Dear Khushbu,

      FPSB has now allocated 4 different grades for the questions. Where the grade 4 questions will definately be tricky. You will have to develope an advanced level of understanding within you.

      For any of the doubts, we all are here.

      All the best.

      Prashant V Shah.

  2. zalak thakker said

    Dear prshant sir
    i am going to give insurance module exam so can u pl mail me some mcq for the same and for theory what topic is most importanat pl let me know

  3. zalak thakker said

    Dear prashnt sir,
    can u pi tel me what is personal umbrlla policy morgage cover

    • Harry said

      Dear Zalak,
      Umbrella Insurance is a liability insurance policy which protects the assets and future income of insured in addition to his primary policies. When all other policy got exhausted then the excess coverage goes into umbrella policy. so this can be gap filler for coverage.
      Personal Umbrella Policy is a low cost insurance policy that provides excess liability coverage above and beyond the limits of the liability coverage on personal auto and homeowners policies.

      Hope this clarifies, by the way when are you planning to give your insurance paper.


  4. sunaina said

    dear prashant sir,
    im giving exam of insurance module can u plzz help it out on which topics i shuld contrate more and can u upload some sample papers of insurance module plss
    thanking you,

    • Dear Sunaina,

      I don’t have any model question paper of Insurance planning but I am going to publish a post on market value method for general insurance.


      • hi,
        i had given the insurance module today and i pass most of d question come from fpsb paper only (40%) and mcq qust 1 mark for principle of insurance subrogation , adhestion was there plus umbrella policy , home equity , and one 4 mark question is from final module sp 3 life ins question is there .

        Thanks Team,
        zalak thacker

      • Congratulations!!!

      • Prakash said

        Hello Prashant, y’day i wrote Risk analysis and insurance planning.. but couldnt pass it. Have booked it again on thursday 27/3/2014. Can you help me with sample questions preferably with problems. Would be great if any body else have any material to share on this. Thanks & Best regards,

    • hi sunaina,
      you had given d ins module . if hd given d exam i want to know what type of question hd come

      • Darshan Goradia said

        Hi zalak I m going to appear for insurance planing in a few days can u plz tell me wat questions are normally ask for 3 & 4 marks.

  5. rucha mirashi said

    hello prashant sir,
    could you please upload more problems on insurance related to ‘review of coverage for changes in income,assets/liabilities and cost benefit analysis.
    thank you!

  6. Nilanjana Das said

    Dear prashant sir
    I m preparing for ins module…sir can u plz let me know for theory which topics shud i concentrate more n also if u can plz upload some qs on market value of general ins
    Nilanjana Das

  7. D.B.DIXIT said

    Dear Sir,
    I will be appearing for the insurance module. Can you please suggest any book on insurance which may help in appearing in the exam ?
    . Further, it is learnt that IRDA is proposing to introduce some changes in the provisions of insurance sector in October. Is it true ?

  8. Hello sir my name is nirmala shukla i ama cfp student i am preparing for RAIP module so please give me advise how to prepare for this module

  9. sonali said

    I have given Insurance Module but didn’t pass ou can i have solutions for the Various NMumnericals posted on this Site

  10. sonali said

    Kindly mail me Various important Numerical and MCQ of Insurance on sonali.w978@gmail.com.


  11. Dear Darshan Goradia,
    for 3 and 4 mark sum concentrate on loan amrt, loan refinancing sum , depreciation.
    concentrate more on theroy as per d slyllus given in fpsb

  12. Anandraj Mahor said

    Dear prshant sir
    i am going to give insurance module exam so can u pl mail me some numerical question 3 & 4 marks for the same and for theory what topic is most importanat pl let me know

    • Dear Anandraj,

      I don’t have any further questions which have been suggested by the members of this site. Important topics are already suggested by FPSB, just look at curriculum.


  13. Sunita jaiswal said

    Sir please give me the solution of this below i had given my exam 28 n i was failed. please help me

    1. A client has a car loan of 10 lakhs with an EMI of 21494/m @ 10.5% and 2 years left for the loan. He also has a personal loan of 3.2 lakhs with an EMI of 11569/m @ 18% and 2 years left. He receives a sudden inflow of 4 lakhs which he can put in 10% FD for 2 years. Will you advice to repay the loan & invest the EMI systematically every month in a tax efficient instrument @ 9%?

    2. 3) A businessman bought a piece of land in March 2002 for Rs 1 cr. He got a factory built on the land at a cost of Rs 1.2 cr, the factory become operational on 1st Sep 2005. The land piece has appreciated 8% p.a. The construction cost has escalated at 10% p.a. since 2005. At what value the factory should be insured in April 2013 on market valve basis if the depreciation on factory premises is charged 6% p.a. on WDM.

  14. G.sandeep said

    Sir, I need 2nd, 4th answers

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