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National Pension System(NPS)

Posted by Prashant Shah on October 13, 2012

NPS is one of the way to plan pension with various investment options. Lot of work has been done on deciding the proportion of commutation and the same has been kept low so that the enrolled person actually benefits from pension and does  not make an error of commuting and spending the accumulated money at retirement. Everyone can enroll is one more attraction. And to add more is the punch line which is “Pension Nahi Yeh Pran Hai”. Many students gave the feedback and asked me to post relevant things on NPS as it is asked in AFP as well as RPEB exam. I read the entire document which I am linking with this post, and found that there is no need to summarize the same as it is nicely written and at the same time it is precise. So go through the same and we will discuss queries regarding the same.

Click to Download: NPS MAIN

Click to download: Corporate Model Brochure 1636122171

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